Memphis, Tennessee rapper Trub is making a statement with his latest material “Just Too Much”. To ensure the success of this song he recently released a fire new visual that takes his level of creativity to new heights. In the opening moments of this release, you will see Trub sitting in a room with his homie watching a news broadcast of another Black man killed at the hands of law enforcement. This raw shot sets the tone for the rest of the video, as it becomes clear that this release is centered around police brutality.

It is super refreshing to see a rapper not be scared to stand up for the injustice occurring in America and using his platform to spark change. Some lyrics that lend more insight into his feelings of what is going on in the world include “It’s terrible, government killing us for revenue, revenue”.

Featured in this video alongside Trub, is the beautiful Wudjet Re who appear on the chorus of “Just Too Much”. Dressed in all black, her cameo is the perfect addition to match the Memphis native’s woke energy. You will see many Black Lives Matter signs including “Justice for George Floyd”, “Black Lives Matter (Equality)”, and “Justice for Breonna Taylor”. To tie in the pandemic, Trub takes a visit to the hospital and a jail cell symbolizing COVID-19 patients and the many individuals in jail that don’t deserve to be there. This visual conveys a powerful message that many people with conscious minds will be able to relate to.


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