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“When you’re different, it’s easy to stand out; but what you do after that is what makes you great.

In a music industry where negativity can be the norm, it’s nice to have some light shed on the positive side of music. Music artist T.R.U.B., born Lawrence Johnson, has found his way to stand out by focusing on what made him fall in love with music as a child… the message.

“I make music for a real and positive mindset. The fun people, the hard-working people, the carefree people, the leaders; that’s who I make music for. I want my music to be the soundtrack to someone overcoming life’s challenges, not falling victim to them.”

Born in Alexandria, VA and reared in Memphis, TN, T.R.U.B. was provided an early education in true southern rap, but quickly acquired a taste for what was beyond. With musical influences ranging from Memphis rap legends 8 BALL & MJG and 36 Mafia, as well as greats like Lil Wayne, Drake, and Jay-Z to pop royalty Michael Jackson, T.R.U.B saw the appeal of merging both worlds.

T.R.U.B. began pursuing his musical interests and released his first effort at the tender age of 11. As he began his journey in music, his journey in life threw some curveballs along the way. As a high school basketball star, T.R.U.B gained a lot of attention in his city, both the negative and the positive. After a “wrong place at the wrong time” robbery situation caused T.R.U.B. to realize he couldn’t straddle the fence anymore, he ultimately chose music.

T.R.U.B. moved to Atlanta, GA with a renewed focus on his music career. His love for all genres of music allowed him to birth an eclectic style that landed him in some cool places. T.R.U.B. has worked with a variety of artists such as Bruno Mars, Future, Plies, and even his hometown heroes Juicy J and Project Pat. His shining moment was when he was asked to perform alongside Post Malone on a show during his 2018 Tour.

T.R.U.B.’s fanbase is as diverse as it comes since he has found the perfect way to balance his affinity to rap with a crossover sound within his natural love of hip-hop. The support is evident with one of his latest released singles “TOP”, which has gained more than 1.2 million views on his YouTube channel. His biggest project to date, “4 Courses” is projected to be the complete testament to his ability to cross the bridge of any genre. Owning his ability to stand out has become fuel for T.R.U.B., and he’s using it all in his journey to greatness.

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