In a culture where sex, drugs, politics, violence and money dominate the music industry, T.R.U.B. brings the truth in an incredible sound based on what is hot without conforming to unenthusiastic Hip-Hop trends.

Now, the Memphis, TN based rapper has released the music video to his single “Just Too Much” in reaction to the unrest in the country. The song arrives amid protests following the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery.

I produce real music that conveys an image of hope, pride, and fun with an emphasis on hard work and effort that leads to overcoming life’s challenges.

The song has all the right ingredients to support the Black Lives Matter movement. It shows off T.R.U.B.’s unadulterated candor. His distinct voice and eclectic sound makes him a rare commodity on the independent music landscape. His steadfast dedication and drive has resulted in a solid and growing fan base worldwide.

— TRUB - Just Too Much

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